NationsHearing recognizes that offering hearing benefits to your members can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re committed to partnering with you to manage the entire process, from member engagement through ongoing support and education after the encounter. Here is how we do it:

Based upon our extensive experience, NationsHearing can help you improve plan sales, reduce costs, improve member satisfaction and retention. We can also support a variety of pricing models, ensuring that your members receive the best perceived value in the market.




Intake – Our Customer Care team is available via our call center, whereby their eligibility and need level is assessed.

Education – We explain benefit coverage to the member and provide them with information regarding their hearing health and share appropriate patient education material.

Scheduling – A Customer Care expert schedules all necessary appointments, including testing, fitting and service and support follow up exams.

Dispensing – We ensure that your members receive the correct hearing aid and are comfortable with using and caring for it.

Followup – Ongoing support for follow-up visits, hearing evaluations and member satisfaction with product and service plays an important role in patient compliance and proper utilization.




NationsHearing has more than 50 years of experience implementing programs for health plan organizations and has a thorough understanding of CMS compliance regulations and processes. To ensure ongoing compliance, we provide:




Our comprehensive solution provides best-in-class care and guidance to your members and allows them to access high quality hearing solutions at affordable prices. What sets us apart is:

Central Intake : 1 (800) number which is answered by Customer Care representatives, where all member questions will be answered, plan eligibility will be determined and options explained to members.

Central Billing : Simplified billing for both plan and member and will accept assignment of benefits

Central Customer Service : Customer Care Center is designed to assist members with all processes, education and service needs that they may have, and center hours comply with CMS regulations

Central Provider Network : Nationwide, credentialed network of more than 4, 000 hearing care professionals

Central Scheduling : Provide all scheduling tasks, as well as providing in-home options for non-ambulatory members.


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