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Let’s Build a Partnership

Your plan, like your members, is unique. We work with you to customize a hearing benefit and pricing that works for both you and them.


Senior Management Team has over 100 years combined experience building companies that provide downstream Medicare services

Leading Partners

We’re the right choice for a growing number of health-driven organizations.

Full-service care

Our comprehensive process includes intake, education, scheduling, dispensing and follow-up

Efficient Operations

Our internal compliance department monitors all processes and our quality assurance department ensures efficient, effective reporting

Long-Term Health for Long-Term Savings

In study after study, treating hearing loss significantly improves overall health and quality of life. Better hearing in seniors has been shown to reduce the risk of diseases such as depression and dementia, as well as the rates of falling and hospitalization.

Healthy hearing reduces hearing-related comorbidities, which in turn, lowers healthcare costs for your plan and members.

Value Beyond Value

Our model is designed to save health plans on the cost of providing a hearing benefit. Not only does improving a patient’s long-term health through better hearing result in reduced plan costs, but our comprehensive approach adds value in other ways:

Improved Star
& HEDIS Rating

Our approach impacts specific Star measurements, which can result in bonus payments for plans

Improved member

Superior products at a better value, plus a customer care center staffed with certified hearing care professionals


Analytics tools help target providers and members and actionable reports assist with measure improvement and data capture


Specially trained representatives focus on outreach, education, answering questions and determining plan eligibility

Make Yourself Heard

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