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Most hearing loss happens gradually, but loud noises are always a danger. It’s important to regularly check your hearing as it can be difficult to notice changes.


Hearing loss is the third most chronic health condition in the Unites States

38 million

Number of people in the US who suffer significant hearing loss

one in three

Number of people over 65 years of age who have hearing loss


Percentage of people with hearing loss who can benefit from a hearing aid

Hear Better, Live Better

Healthy hearing matters. Some studies suggest hearing loss can lead to depression, anxiety or other emotional disorders. One study even linked hearing loss to a higher risk of developing dementia1. However, treating your hearing loss can help prevent many of these diseases2. And treatment starts with a simple hearing test with a provider.

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    1. National Council on Aging (1999)
    2. JAMA Intern Med (2013)