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Navigating the complexities of hearing care—your insurance, specialist visits, all the hearing aid types and technologies, not to mention the different prices—can be complicated. So we changed it all to help you.

The Nationshearing differEnce:


We help you select from a wide range of hearing aid options with the latest technology from the best manufacturers


We do all the work for you, from scheduling appointments to dealing with your insurance


Dedicated representatives are here to answer your questions or concerns; don’t hesitate to call


Price always matters, so get the hearing aid that’s right for you at a price that is too, with up to 55% savings


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When you call 877-439-2665, you’ll speak with a knowledgeable representative who can answer questions and schedule your free hearing test near you.


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Take a free hearing test

Your hearing test results let NationsHearing experts diagnose your level of hearing loss and determine the most effective treatment.


Step 3:

Let us take it from there

We work with your insurance to get you the highest quality hearing aid at the best value, as well as schedule all follow-up visits.

*If you’re not a NationsHearing member, we’ll work with your health plan to apply any available hearing benefits **Exact terms vary by plan, check your benefits for additional details

The Sound Choice is NationsHearing

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Over 230 Hearing Aid Models to Choose from


Nationwide Network of Trusted Providers


Competitive Pricing


3-year Warranty


60-day Money-back Guarantee


Free Adjustments and Follow-up care


Unmatched Service


On-staff Doctors of Audiology

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